Osaka Heat-treatment Co., Ltd addresses many requirements from industry, through integrated product
manufacturing, from cold rolling, heat treatment of steel strip, cold rolled special steel strip, flat springs,
coiled springs, and constant force springs.

Other Processed Products

  • Springs

    A broad array of steels are available. Different shapes or spring characteristic can be flexibly designed.

  • Carrier

    High-precision processed products with no flash or distortion.

  • Blades

    Size and quality to suit your complete requirements can be supplied as our products are manufactured by our comprehensive internal processes from rolling the basic material to finish sharpening.

constant force springs

Features of constant force springs

Constant force springs

Constant force springs

Unchanged constant load under increasing expansion.

Load increases as it is expanded.

High initial load

Initial load is zero or extremely small.

High expansion property provides 30 to 50 times increase in expansion from it original form.

Expansion is 1/2 to 2 times greater than the original form.

Stored energy is high even when it is stored in the same position.

Retained energy is small.

Smooth operation and less friction.

Loss occurs, due to friction internally when winding or rewinding.