Osaka Heat-treatment Co., Ltd addresses many requirements from industry, through integrated product
manufacturing, from cold rolling, heat treatment of steel strip, cold rolled special steel strip, flat springs,
coiled springs, and constant force springs.

Steel Strip Products

Business Applications

  • Automobiles

  • Electric and Electronic Equipment

  • Communications Apparatus

  • Precision Instruments

  • Office Equipment

  • Measuring Equipment

  • Textile Machines

  • MachineTools & Blades

  • Others

Materials used

Hardened and tempered steel strip

  • Integrated process from rolling stock to quenching and tempering ensures products have consistent quality.

  • All requirements are covered in materials, dimension and specification to suit the processing methods and applications such as cutting, die cutting or bending.

  • Our build-to-order manufacturing system supplies reliable products at short delivery. We can accept small lot orders.*

  • In addition, we also manufacture heat-treated stainless steel strip, heat-treated steel strip with shape forming processes and from different die sets.

*Approximately 200kg per lot

  • Available dimensions
  • Surface finish

    steel strip


    White colored

    Blue colored

    Brown colored

    steel strip

    White polish

    Blue colored

    Brown colored

  • Hardness

    HV 280~900
    We can meet your request both of HRC and HS.

    Colored areas on the left of the chart above are special manufactured items. Please contact us for details.

Cold rolled special steel strip

  • All materials used in our products are carefully selected.

  • Our control facilities and expert technology guarantees constant quality and dimensional accuracy.

  • Products to cater for advanced deep-drawn processing can be supplied.

  • Reclaimed or cut flat products are available to meet your requirements.

  • Special orders for dimensional deviation of thickness, width or lateral bending can also be accepted.

  • Available dimensions
  • Sector for hardness values(case of SK85)

    Hardness symbol



    HV ~190

    B(Skin pass)

    HV 200~240

    C(Hard rolled)

    HV 240~280

    D(Extra hard rolled)

    HV 260~300

The values may vary slightly, depending on the type of steel or dimensional tolerances.